Our purebred belted galloway herd

X-Umi - AKA Grandma

Our oldest Dun Belted Cow, X-Umi.

Caldwell Farms X-Umi

  X-Umi is the matriarch of our herd as well as mother to Beagan and Gilligan.

Beagan - AKA Momma


Caldwell Farms Beagan 

Beagan is the daughter of X-Umi and 

           mother of Flint.                 

Challenger - Herd Sire

Our awesome Dun Belted breed bull, Challenger, AKA Bully Boy.

Finholdt Farms Challenger

Challenger is our new herd sire.  He's a big guy, but very gentle.


Sweet Eva!

Caldwell Farms Eva

Eva has a very calm temperament and we are looking forward to the arrival of her first calf in 2020.


Fiona one of Black Belted Galloway Heifers.

Caldwell Farms Fiona

DOB:  February 27, 2018


A newborn Belted; so cute.

Home Oasis Gilligan

Gilligan is our last calf of 2019.  

DOB:  May 19, 2019

for sale

Purebred Belted Galloways


Fiona is a sweet girl.  Since we have a small acreage, not everyone can stay.   DOB:  February 27, 2018


Home Oasis Flint

Dun bull Flint, our farm's firstborn.

Home Oasis Flint

DOB:  November 16, 2018

Sold as a breed bull in 2019.

Home Oasis Gus

Black and white Belted Galloway, Gus.

Home Oasis Gus

DOB:  March 29, 2019

Sold as a breed bull in 2019.